What we believe

We believe that ground-breaking innovations of the 21st century need to feature an increase in sustainability. For most of the challenges of the 21st century, nature has a solution. Only our highly standardized production processes have a hard time coping with natural variance. But the source of this variance is commonly a highly dynamic environment.

A bioreactor allows to standardize this environment and facilitates the precise reproduction of environmental conditions. For the sake of sustainability, Evologic is employing biotechnological approaches to render natural solutions as bio stimulants, food or feed additives etc. compatible with the mass market.

Operative Team

Within our fast growing team, we pinpoint and follow up on most promising approaches for any given challenge,
via the effective use of an online project management tool.

Dr. Wieland Reichelt coordinates the business development and research efforts and is the main operator interface to the advisory board. In an iterative process, the overall business and & strategy is continuously challenged by our business development and scientific advisory board, adapted and sharpened to keep the venture within budget and on schedule. His main technical expertise lies in translating academic approaches into industrial solutions for pharmaceutical bioprocesses. Since the founding of Evologic Technologies, he has overseen financing efforts, conceptualized the R&D strategies and successfully translated them into IP as well as into several highly competitive grants.
Markus Brillmann, CTO of Evologic is an expert in biotechnological process control. He is leading the operational R&D activities. His expertise lies in complex mechanistic control approaches allowing controlled dynamics in process conditions to maximize the information and process understanding gained per fermentation. This allows fast and efficient exploration of the physiologically feasible space of a respective production organism. As co-founder, he coordinates the R&D efforts in the area of process development, process modelling (CFD), process engineering and oversees the knowledge management within the team. Supported by our scientific advisory board Markus keeps the R&D projects on track.
Based on his 20 years of expertise within pharmaceutical biotechnology Dr. Bachers main expertise lies within Quality Control and Quality Management. During his career with Böhringer Ingelheim he has overseen the Quality Management for 11 products during pre-clinical, clinical and market phases. In the business unit of process development Dr. Bacher had the project lead for microbial production processes including the analytical method portfolio, resource planning and the evaluation of CMO projects. Dr. Bacher responsibilities cover the development, assessment and establishment of analytical techniques as well as the implementation of state-of-the-art sampling schemes to achieve and maintain high product quality standards.
Previously employed for a pharmaceutical biotechnology company, Mr. Ruschitzka´s experience lies within fermentation and primary recovery under GMP conditions. He has overseen Tech-Transfer projects to and from contract manufacturers and was involved in Scale-up activities. Also, with his former employer he has been is responsible for process scale up as well as for the implementation and maintenance of GMP guidelines (procurement and qualifying of equipment). His responsibilities cover the coordination of process development as well as the integration of novel findings into our in-silico model to consequently adapt and re-define the correlated up-scaling efforts.

Gülbahar Çekici

Lab Technician

Conrad Reichelt

Public Relations

Sophie Lindner


Nick Arampatzis

Lab Technician

As a former graduate from the Technical University of Vienna Mrs. Çekici is handling the processing equipment of Evologic Technologies.
Personally affine to design aspects, Mr. Reichelt is responsible for Evologic´s public appearances, cooperate identity and cooperate design. His efforts span the establishment and maintenance of design guidelines as well as the composition and realization of transportable experimental setups for public appearances of Evologic Technologies. In addition, Mr. Reichelt is handling the communication to public sources/news feeds etc.
Responsible for accounting and billing as well as for the day to day administration of Evologic Technologies, Mrs. Lindner ensures a smooth workflow through our company. She constitutes the interface to our tax attorneys as well as to public institutions and takes care of all the important details in daily business.
With his extensive background in bio-assays in oncology context and international experience, Mr. Arampatzis is taking care of bioanalytics on an operational basis.
During his studies of Chemical Engineering Mr. Lagoda is conducting a part time internship at Evologic Technologies, helping to handle the various aspects and challenges of a biotech company.
As a computer scientist has worked with various projects with USAID, ISAF, and NATO where he had been assigned ICT and network responsibilities. At Evologic Technologies his responsibilities cover building up and maintaining the IT infrastructure. This includes the regular maintenance, but more importantly regular improvements of our workstations to comply with the increasing computing demands of our neuronal networks and computational flow dynamics. Moreover, Mr. Akrami is responsible for data and network security at Evologic Technologies.

Scientific Advisory board

Ongoing research projects are constantly discussed and critically reviewed with a broad range of experts in the field. This approach allows using external know how to clarify and focus development strategies. To keep the discussions, lean and output oriented the whole scientific expert board is only consulted twice a year, while specific questions are discussed bilateral at a high frequency. Selection criteria are known how in the field and/or in the relevant industries but more importantly a personal tendency for practical problem solutions.

Prof. Christoph Herwig

Process Engineering/Process Control

Dr. Stuart Stocks

Reactor Design/Upscale

Prof. Eibl

HR Biology

As a full Prof. at the TU Vienna, Prof. Herwig (> 200 publications) core competencies cover the quantification and consequent de-bottlenecking of bioprocess performance based on advanced data exploitation approaches and mechanistic modelling. Using novel technologies for online and real time monitoring he is pushing biochemical engineering to be regarded on par to genetic engineering. Experienced in biopharmaceutical facility design (GMP conditions) Prof. Herwig is helping to leverage process productivity.
Bridging the gap between academia and industry Dr. Stocks has gathered extensive know-how in upscaling processes in the field of white biotech from 1L to >100 m3 as wells as in red biotech. His legacy is the successful development of the production process for cellulases used for 2. Gen ethanol production. Dr. Stocks is specifically experienced in the field of aeration, agitation and impeller design as well as in process development, making him the key source of know-how regarding reactor design and upscaling challenges.
His comprehensive background in plant biotechnology and his research on the molecular mechanisms of AMF symbiosis make him one of the view existing experts on plant/AMF interaction and AMF biochemistry. His input is especially valuable for the advancements of AMF analytics and general product quality aspects.
Prof. Eibl (~100 publications) is one of a few veritable experts in hairy root cultivation techniques, who has been actively involved in the development of related production technologies for industrial applications. As head of the Competence Center for Biochemical Engineering and Cell Cultivation Technique of the ICBT and head of the working group Biochemical Engineering at the ZHAW he is supporting Evologic with his extensive know-how in hairy root handling and processing.

Dr. Stefan Müllner

Product to Market Fit

As the author of over 50 scientific publications and responsible over 32 patents with his current employer, Dr. Reichelt is well experienced in the field of IP protection in a highly competitive industrial environment. In the more recent past, Dr. Reichelt has been occupied with technology scouting and identification and consequent management of strategic technology projects. Today he is responsible for New Business Concepts, Technology evaluation for large-scale investments >600 Mio. In this board, Dr. Reichelt constitutes the key source of expertise for strategic decisions regarding IP protection and licensing.
As a biochemist by training, Dr. Müllner is expert for industrial biotechnology and experienced entrepreneur (Protagen). In his >30 y industrial carrier, at Hoechst, Aventis, Henkel, Protagen he has lead various products from bench to market and authored >100 publications.

Corporate Advisory Board

Overall strategic decisions concerning market entry and business development are discussed and pitched to the sounding board which is composed ofhighly experienced individuals. This allows reviewing out-of-the-box products and problem solutions given the independence of the board.

With his strong international industrial (Agro Linz, DuPont, BayWa) background in product development (agrochemicals) and controlling, Dr. Bodingbauer was a successful entrepreneur (Netragon AG) and is leading the business development sounding board of Evologic Technologies.
During his time as Chief Executive Officer, Becker Underwood was acquired by BASF in 2012. Prior to this exit, he successfully expanded the company expanded from a single facility business in Iowa to a global company with operations on five continents. Prior to joining Becker Underwood, Peter was Group Managing Director of The MicroBio Group Limited, a manufacturer of bio-fertilizers and crop protection products that was acquired by Becker Underwood in 2000.
As experienced entrepreneur and CEO/CFO of various companies (Neuraxo Pharmaceuticals, Contract Medical International, PSites Pharma, Bert Energy GmbH) his key expertise lies hin financing and term sheet negotiations. Dr. Witte has background as a lawyer and auditor and is and successfully leading investment rounds.


24 Oct 2018

Evologic Technologies has been selected as one of Hello Tomorrow’s Top 500 deeptech startups worldwide in the Industrial Biotech track!

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